Experience Dr. Pramod Tripathi’s Online First Session on “INTENSIVE TREATMENT PROGRAM” for Diabetes, Obesity, Blood pressure, Thyroid, PCOS/PCOD.

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First Session covers:
Diabetes myths
Root causes of diabetes
Diabetes Reversal diet Diabetes
Reversal exercises
Full year FFD diabetes protocol

The course will be conducted by our expert doctor. You can do the session either online or at our centres. Begin your journey now!

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Stages of reversal by Dr Pramod Tripathi from Freedom from Diabetes makes you understand what is reversal of diabetes, how does it happen and what are the different stages in which the reversal happens. In this, Dr Pramod Tripathi also explains *that the aim of it is not only bringing down the sugar levels but also to make you a healthier and fitter person by corrective action through Diet, Exercise, Inner transformation and Medical.* He also explains us that reversal is not one stage but it is a journey in which we grow, expand and keep experiencing freedom.


Stage 1: Sugars reduced, Medications same.
Stage 2: Sugars reduced, Medications reduced.
Stage 3: Hba1c greater then 6, Medications stopped.
Stage 4: Hba1c less then 6, Medications stopped.
Stage 5: GTT pass, Medications stopped.
Stage 6: Reversal of complications.
Stage 7: Sugars normal irrespective of any meal, fitness levels supreme!