Experience Dr. Pramod Tripathi’s Online First Session on “INTENSIVE TREATMENT PROGRAM” for Diabetes, Obesity, Blood pressure, Thyroid, PCOS/PCOD.

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First Session covers:
Diabetes myths
Root causes of diabetes
Diabetes Reversal diet Diabetes
Reversal exercises
Full year FFD diabetes protocol

The course will be conducted by our expert doctor. You can do the session either online or at our centres. Begin your journey now!

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A very relevant session on the topic “7 truths of diabetes reversal” was conducted by Dr Pramod Tripathi of Freedom From Diabetes. In that he said that all these truths are “experiential truths” and everyone who wants to go for reversal should know them.

He first explained “What is reversal in relation to diabetes? and then talked about 7 truths which are as follows:

1. Work on the root cause, i.e. insulin resistance
2. Reversal is a process. There are phases and it takes time.
3. During reversal there will be ups and downs… it is not a smooth process.
4. Reversal is accelerated by addressing individual specific problems
5. Biggest enemy of reversal is one’s own inertia
6. Attempting alone gives limited success
7. Experiencing reversal within gives the greatest happiness