Not long after my Dad had turned 50, I got a phone call from my Mom, who informed me that Dad was in the hospital. He had these red blotches all over his body. They looked like islands on a map or actually continents. Some were 8 to 12 inches in diameter. They were filled with a clear liquid.

The diagnosis was he had diabetes. But he went so long without it being diagnosed and the sugar had built up to such a high level, his body was trying to expel the sugar any way it could.

His diabetes or sugar buildup must have been extreme because in the years since, and all my research I have never come across these symptoms as being typical.

My hope is you will find information here that will assist you in your quest to quell the beast know as sugar diabetes.

The battle against sugar diabetes is one that you can win. Sometimes as simple as changing your diet by eating the right sugars and amounts.

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