Diabetes Without Needles: Non-invasive Diagnostics and Health Management provides a comprehensive and objective compilation of the most promising noninvasive methods for glucose monitoring, including an in-depth analysis of their advantages and disadvantages in terms of biochemical processes. The latest advances in the field are discussed, including methods such as optical measurements, electrochemical measurements, exhaled breath analysis, direct measurements of glucose in the blood using noninvasive techniques, and the indirect analysis of biomarkers that are related to the glycemia. The book’s author also presents recommendations for future research directions in this field. This book is a valuable resource for researchers in the areas of diabetes, noninvasive methods and diagnostics development. Appeals to a multidisciplinary audience, including scientists, researchers and clinicians with an interest in noninvasive blood glucose monitoring technologies Features the latest advances in the field of noninvasive methods for diabetes monitoring, including recent results, perspectives and challenges Covers various noninvasive methods, including optical measurements, electrochemical, exhaled breath analysis, and more

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