Diabetes mellitus, one of the most prevalent complications during pregnancy, can cause a range of problems for women and their developing babies. The number of types of diabetes during pregnancy has dramatically increased worldwide in recent years. Obesity is a very common risk factor for the development of GDM and type 2 diabetes. To prevent birth defects and other health problems, optimal healthcare before and during pregnancy is mandatory. To reach this goal, a multidisciplinary approach is of major importance. This book presents the latest knowledge on the physiopathology, diagnosis, autoimmunity, genetics, omics, and management and treatment of diabetic pregnancy. Renowned healthcare professionals and academic experts provide insights into the complexity of diabetic pregnancy, its treatment, and pregnancy complications. This is a comprehensive overview of the clinical characteristics of pregnancy-related type 1 and 2 diabetes as well as of gestational diabetes. It is a must-read for everyone involved in the monitoring of diabetes during pregnancy.

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