This Handbook fulfils a pressing need within the area of psychological measurement in diabetes research and practice by providing access to material which has either been widely dispersed through the psychological and medical literature or has not previously been published. Journal articles describing the psychometric development of scales have rarely included the scales themselves but this book includes copies of scales and a wealth of additional information from unpublished theses, reports and recent manuscripts. You will find information about the reliability, validity, scoring, norms, and use of the measures in previous research presented in one volume. The Handbook is designed to help researchers and clinicians: ¿ To select scales suitable for their purposes ¿ To administer and score the scales correctly ¿ To interpret the results appropriately. Dr. Clare Bradley is Reader in Health Psychology and Director of the Diabetes Research Group at Royal Holloway, University of London. Dr. Bradley and her research group have designed, developed and used a wide variety of measures of psychological processes and outcomes. Many of these measures have been designed and developed specifically for people with diabetes. Together with diabetes-specific psychological measures developed by other researchers internationally, these instruments have played an important part in facilitating patient-centred approaches to diabetes research and clinical practice.

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