#Diabetes #BloodGlucoseRegulation #Hyperglycemia #Hypoglycemia
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00:00:00-00:01:08 Greetings and Introduction
00:01:08-00:06:30 Normal Blood Glucose ranges (Fasting, Random and 2-H Postprandial)
00:06:30-00:09:28 What are the risks of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia
00:09:28-00:17:24 What organs solely depend upon glucose for fuel
00:17:24-00:35:40 Acute complications of Hyperglycemia
00:35:40-00:48:26 Long term complications of Hyperglycemia (Microvascular and Macrovascular complications)
00:48:26-01:12:22 Risks/complications of Hypoglycemia