Diabetes mellitus and its complications are conditions of growing importance from both the clinical and epidemiological standpoint. Diabetes has life-threatening complications affecting several organs and systems, with increased risk for ocular, renal, cardiac, cerebral, nervous and peripheral vascular disease. In many developed countries and in special ethnic groups diabetes causes premature disability and mortality. It is, therefore, mandatory for both the specialist and the practitioner to be acquainted with the pathophysiological mechanisms, clinical manifestations and, above all, therapy of diabetes mellitus. Recent data showing that control of hyperglycemia may prevent the onset or slow down the progression of complications point to the importance of appropriate and efficacious treatment. Indeed, the aim of this book is to serve as a tool for physicians, giving the latest diagnostic aspects and pathophysiological mechanisms, to enable a better understanding of the various facets of modern diabetes management. Presented in a clear and easy-to-read form this book will be useful to all physicians interested in the management of diabetic patients by providing them with a simple yet updated source of information on the new concepts in diabetes and its treatment.

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