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Nursing Care Plan for Diabetes Mellitus (Nurse Care Plans)

Let’s create a care plan for Diabetes Mellitus. Diabetes is when the blood glucose aka the sugar and the blood is unable to move into the cells. It helps make ATP or energy, and the body makes insulin to assist with this process. Insulin is just the hormone that allows the sugar in the blood to move across the cell so the body can use it to create energy. Or there are two types of diabetes: type one and type two. What we want to consider as nurses is we want to make sure that we check the blood glucose levels and treat as needed. And we want to assess for signs of hyper or hypoglycemia. And we want to educate the patient on insulin administration. It’s very important to teach them how to use the glucometer. The desired outcome is to have blood sugar control with minimum side effects. We love you guys! Go out and be your best selves today! And, as always, happy nursing!

0.05 Introduction to the Diabetes Mellitus Care Plan
0.10 Diabetes Mellitus Pathophysiology/ interventions/desired outcome
1.01 Diabetes Mellitus nursing care plan
4.38 Insulin Administration Guide
5.18 Care Plan Key Points (Diabetes Mellitus)
6.20 Care Plan Outro
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