I’m really concerned with the rise in type 2 diabetes and how the foods we eat every day are contributing to that. The grocery store is loaded with foods that combine sugar, simple starches, fat, and that is a bad recipe for creating lots of health issues, especially diabetes. Pasture raised and grass-fed saturated fats, hearty healthy oils, complex grains, and low inflammatory foods are what you should be buying if your diabetic. So let’s shop together and show you some of the best foods at the store if your on a diabetic diet. Mad love..Bobby, Dessi, Rose, and Art! XOXO

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The guide is only a kindle book, all you need to do is download the kindle app to any device and buy the book on Amazon and send it to your device. For some reason you can’t but the book on the Amazon app, it’s gotta be on the browser version of Amazon.

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