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You may think of insulin resistance as being reserved for diabetics, and you may have even drawn the same conclusion I have, that the problem is glucose being too high. After speaking with Ben Bikman, a scientist that studies metabolic disorders caused by insulin resistance, I was shocked to find out that insulin resistance can still develop even in people with seemingly normal glucose levels. Ben’s explanation of the complicated nature of insulin in the body and his unique take on facts that can literally save your life with knowledge are exactly what we need more of. Whether you consider yourself to be healthy, prediabetic, or struggling with other health issues this episode may give you the insight you need today.

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Glucose | Ben on why leaving insulin levels unchecked to check glucose is problematic [1:07]
Hyperglycemia | Ben reveals the dangers of elevated sugar levels in the body [6:06]
Nerve & Vascular Damage | Ben explains how hyperglycemia destroys these systems [8:34]
Glucose Control | Ben on the simple solution to eat less sugar vs. prescription choices [11:58]
Diet Habits | Changing dietary habits to control glucose vs medication and power of diet [15:10]
Insulin Resistance | Ben explains 2 problems, cells not responding and elevated insulin [18:47]
Storing Fat | Ben maps out which cells are resistant to insulin & which will store more fat [23:50]
Elevated Insulin | Ben explains the effect of insulin and how too much affects your cells [31:40]
Hypertension | Ben reveals how insulin is nearly always tied to high blood pressure [32:23]
Exercise Cure | Ben on how exercise impacts insulin levels and muscle cells take over [36:37]
Diet | Ben underlines that diet beats exercise in terms of helping insulin resistance [41:38]
Diet Principle #1 | Control Carbs, Ben explains why carbs are not essential for humans [42:31]
Vegan Diet Problems | Ben explains how vegan diets are missing iron and omega 3s [44:26]
Diet Principle #2| Prioritize Proteins, Ben urges animal-sourced proteins are best [47:17]
Diet Principle #4 | Fasting, Ben simplifies it and only advises eating earlier is better [50:01]


“when you start asking someone to change habits, you are probably asking them to do the most difficult thing they can do. It’s just so much simpler to take a pill. And consequences be damned” [15:31]

“… it might be empowering, that rather than hopelessly taking medications every day, knowing that the only the only future is increasing the dose of those medications. Let’s actually address the true origins of the problem, which […] is often going to be insulin resistance.” [18:17]

“insulin’s telling the body how much fat to store, the sex hormones are just telling the body where to store it, and how” [28:08]

“the muscle is so hungry during exercise, that it just basically tells insulin look when I’m at rest, you’re the boss, but when I’m exercising, I’m the boss. I’m going to get what I need, and so it basically pushes insulin to the side.” [39:01]

“if you try to compare diet to exercise, diet will beat the hell out of exercise, as a variable for insulin resistance.” [42:00]

“it [vegan diet] is a privilege of the elite. You have to be educated enough to know what your deficiencies are, and you have to be wealthy enough to afford the supplements” [44:47]

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