In their book, Your Complete Guide to Mastering Diabetes, holistic healers Valsalan Nair and Prathibha Nair show you can control and manage your diabetes, prevent and even reverse your existing complications associated with your high blood glucose level through the most time tested, user friendly and scientifically proven healthy living methodology. The book has been written based on their vast experience with thousands of diabetes patients who participated in Madhur Madhumeh Camps being conducted by the authors across the breadth and width of India. As per a published research paper, the participants learned to master their disease condition within hours, fasting blood glucose level came down by 16% and blood glucose level after food came down by 31% within 48 hours. This is the first of its kind comprehensive guide for diabetics, caregivers and medical practitioners to demonstrate a unique holistic health education for diabetics based on four essentials of treatment and prevention as per eastern concepts of health: diet, relaxation, thoughts and attitude. It also deals with a meditative lifestyle for stress free living, detoxification, yoga and physical activity. This extraordinary resource guide for diabetes patients with its expanded sections on meal planning and nutrition will answer any question on your diet planning. An indispensable book containing extensive resource information on the best self-care methodology for diabetics, Your Complete Guide to Mastering Diabetes will empower readers to manage and take control of their disease condition and continue live a healthy, happy, active, and long lives.

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